Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Digital Stamp Guide

What are Digital Stamps?
Digital stamps, or digi stamps, are black and white digital image or illustration files, usually .jpg or .png format, that you buy, downloaded and print from your computer to use in crafting. One of the great things about digital stamps is that they can be resized, duplicated and manipulated to fit you needs. It saves a lot of time especially if you are constructing a card with multiple images. You can compose your design once, and then click to print as many copies as you need. Suddenly the thought of holiday card making or invitation making isn’t so daunting!

Printing and Coloring Digital Images:
Simply arrange you images on a sheet of paper, print and color them in the same way that you would color a rubber stamped image. You can color them with watercolors, pen, colored pencils, chalks, any medium you would use on stamped image.  Click Here to Read More

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