Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Changing the Line Color on a Digital Stamp

To stamp with a color other than black you may change the color of your digital stamp in MS Word. I am going to show you how to do it in this tutorial. I am using Microsoft Word 2010, if you have a different version it may look a little different than my screen shots, but it should work similarly.

1. Open a new blank Word document and “Insert” your picture as I instructed you to do in the tutorial entitled, “Using MS Word to Print Digital Stamps”.

2. Adjust the size of the art fit the article you are planning on using the digital stamp on. You may wish to change the margins to allow for a larger printing area if you are planning to use the digital stamp on something large like a tee shirt, tote bag or if you want to save a little paper by having the image printed near the top left side of the paper.
3. Click on the tab “Page Layout” and then “Margins”. You will see a drop down menu. At the bottom of the drop down menu is click on “Custom Margins”

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