Printing Your File

I'm showing the Print Dialog boxes from MS Paint because it comes with Windows operating systems. If you are using some another program to print from or a different printer your dialog boxes may look a little different than the screan shots I'm showing. Search for similar choices in your printer’s dialog boxes, they will be there.

First we must tell the printer how we want to setup the page for printing.

Choose "Print"  and  when a dialog box comes up click on words like "Page Setup" or "Print Properties".

Choose the paper “Size”

Choose the “Orientation”of your page.

Set the “Margins”to .25 for each side

Set “Scaling” “Adjust to:” to 100% of normal size

Click “OK”

Another Print dialog box will open

Choose the highest setting for printing. Many times it will be a Photo setting.

Choose a high quality paper. I prefer a heavy matte inkjet paper.

Verify the orientation of the paper.

Click OK

You will be taken back to the first dialog box, click "Print"

Be patient! Sometimes large files take a long time to print.
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