Digital Stamp Guide

What are Digital Stamps?
Digital stamps, or digi stamps, are black and white digital image or illustration files, usually .jpg or .png format, that you buy, downloaded and print from your computer to use in crafting. One of the great things about digital stamps is that they can be resized, duplicated and manipulated to fit you needs. It saves a lot of time especially if you are constructing a card with multiple images. You can compose your design once, and then click to print as many copies as you need. Suddenly the thought of holiday card making or invitation making isn’t so daunting!

Printing and Coloring Digital Images:
Simply arrange you images on a sheet of paper, print and color them in the same way that you would color a rubber stamped image. You can color them with watercolors, pen, colored pencils, chalks, any medium you would use on stamped image.
Your image will most likely be printed with normal printer ink, not professional stamping ink. You may have problems with ink running if a wet method, such as watercolor, is used. However, the printer ink may be set by a heat tool to help eliminate the likelihood of this happening. You can also use an embossing pen and heat gun to raise and the edges and help with coloring. Then you can embellish your work with bling, ribbons and buttons, or any other creative way you can think of. The possibilities are endless.
Low cost: Digital stamps cost a lot less than regular rubber stamps since you are just buying the right to use the image, instead of the actual stamp. Digital stamps can be bought online and downloaded to your computer. This saves on shipping, gas and time, because images are usually instantly downloadable once purchased.
Easy to store: The digital image is stored on your computer and can even be put on a CD -which not only saves space, but time too, since the images can be easily organized stored and into different folders.
Why Professionally Designed Digital Stamps?
I’m sure you are wondering why one would spend money to buy digital stamp images versus simply searching on the internet for clip art. There’s a major difference between graphics from the internet versus professionally designed digital stamp images created for card makers and paper crafters. We are talking about quality! Professionally designed digital images are of the highest quality. Digital stamp images are designed to be printable, meaning 300dpiprint quality, versus images that are small and low quality so that they load on web pages quickly. Digital stamp images appear to be a huge image when you look at it on your computer, but it’s made that way so when they are printed, the lines and curves are all smooth and crisp. No jagged edges! This means you can resize and combine images together in your designs with perfect printed results.
Suggestions and Special Orders:
Ultimately, you are purchasing the creative artwork of a artist with a unique style and you are supporting a living artist. We here at Spectacular Printable are a small family of artists so you may suggest an idea or request a specially designed digital stamp design. The turnaround time for bringing a design into the market is fast compared to that of rubber stamp companies and I think it's fabulous that crafters and artists can be in close contact, creating that human connection between artist and crafter.

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